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We bring the best selection of our collection to your home.


GALLERY AFRODIT is established in the capital city of Turkey, ANKARA in 1994 by MUSTAFA BULGUROGLU. He is graduated from Middle East Technical University, Physics department. He was very interested in textiles during whole his education and worked with very well known dealer and collectors. After he finished the university and Economy Master he decided to work in a business that he really enjoy.
GALLERY AFRODIT was also Auction company during 1994 - 1999 and it was the first Auction company about Oriental Carpets and Antique Textiles in Ankara.
After 1997 we exhibited at the largest and well known International Antique Fairs and Exhibitions in Europe and USA.
Our goal is to provide the best selection of Oriental rugs to our customers and friends.  We have items in our collection that are very decorative, useful, and investment quality.  Each item in our collection has a certificate of authenticity, good condition and originality.  You are welcome to consult us about what you have in your collection and what you can buy.    
You can call or send an email and tell us what size rugs you might need.  Tell us what colors or what kind of design you might like which might match with the décor in your home;  we have a wide range of designs to choose from (floral, classical, modern, artdeco, geometrical, tribal, etc..  or get inspired from our collection).  Our expert will help you determine the best pieces for your individual space.  We will bring you the best possible pieces, and we will bring them to your location. We can help you design the space using your existing furniture.  There is no charge for this service.  We can also exchange your old carpets (at the right value) with pieces in our collection.

Please contact us get more details.  We are looking forward to working with you.

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