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We repair all kind of Oriental Carpets, Kilims Tapesteries.
We have the best quality repairs. Our work shop is Turkey in central of Anatolia city called Konya. Our repairmans are one of the best one in the world about repairs. We use the original old wool and yarns for repairs. We get these materials from old materials such as flat weaves " KILIMS " or Sumacks.
For the best professional repairs we have to use the same charesteristic materilas such as the same age, the same soft, the same color, shiny and pile.
To get these materilas are not easy. We have the large collection about reuseable materilas.
Some times for younger pieces we have to use hand spin wool and we have to dye it with original vegetable dyes. For this purpose we use original vegetable natural dyes to get the perfect materials for the repairs. We use the same technique like over 100 years.
Please contact us about your carpets repairs. You can not beliave our professional work.

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